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DSE Training Videos

At ELO Media we create engaging and compelling display screen equipment training videos that include live action and computer graphics to illustrate the key features of DSE training.

Most office based employees use DSE as a significant part of their daily work routine and incorrect use of display screen equipment can lead to health problems or eyestrain.  Typically our videos encourage everyone who uses DSE to complete a self-assessment questionnaire annually or following any significant changes, such as an office move or change of software.

The display screen equipment training videos provide information on  how to make adjustments to and employees chair and workstation, and that:

– Their back is in constant contact with the chair backrest and adjust the backrest to fully support the lumbar area

– Their hips should be higher than their knees.  If their feet cannot rest flat on the floor, a footrest may be required

– The space under their desk is clear, so their legs can point forward and they can vary their posture

– The screen and keyboard are directly in front of them

– There’s space between the keyboard and the edge of the desk

– Their forearms are horizontal and in line with the keyboard

– The mouse is within easy reach

– For touch typists, the screen should be set with the top level with the eyes.  If they are not a touch typist, a lower screen height might be more comfortable

– Staff take regular work breaks and micro-pauses

These are just a few points that we usually include along side clear video footage. So, if you want a display screen equipment training video please contact us here at ELO Media