Mobile Apps

At ELO Media we are experienced in the design and development of inspiring and innovative iPhone, Blackberry and mobile applications – Check out our latest iPhone App called ‘Star Dot’ to see a sample.

Mobile apps are used as powerful sales tools for prospective customers creating significant revenue for our clients as well as enhancing the credibility of your brand, service or product – in fact nothing will sell your business better than an engaging and compelling mobile app – and it’s one of the best long term strategies for achieving high rates of customer loyalty.

We work with you on ‘the big idea’  – we’ll test it, refine it and develop it. Our mobile app design team then turn the ‘big idea’ into reality and finally we can help you launch and distribute the application in the most popular areas such as the iPhone app store.

Here are just a few of the benefits…

  • Huge market potential – there are over 40 million iPhone users and 18 million Blackberry users
  • You can generate extensive brand awareness to a receptive market
  • There is an opportunity to generate significant revenue from existing products and services
  • Low entry costs – typically iPhone apps are very affordable and provide large returns very quickly
  • Get ahead of the competition – iPhone and Blackberry applications can elevate your brand and provide a quality market perception of your business

If you would like an iPhone application development in the UK,  Blackberry app development or mobile apps for your business, product or service then contact us here at ELO Media.

For European customers we now have a mobile app development office on the Costa Blanca in Spain. From here we develop iPhone, iPad and Android apps – so if you want iPhone app development in Spain or Europe then contact us – we’d love to help.