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Website Videos

Stunning videos for your website…

Website videos are the perfect way to turn more of your web visitors into paying customers. Statistics show that a ‘walk on’ website video can actually help increase the visitor ‘dwell time’ by up to 10 times and increase the website’s effectiveness (by turning visitors into leads) by upto 300%. This can mean a massive uplift in profit and business for the website owner.

It’s not surprising therefore that web video is now recognised as the best conversion tool you can deploy on your website. Here at ELO Media we specialise in online video and produce persuasive and engaging videos that deliver bottom line results. Website videos are usually front by a professional TV presenter and they are superimpose over the website. In addition we can add dynamic text and graphics to reinforce the key sales messages.

All in all the website video is extremely high performing, we will work out the script for you, film the presenter, add the graphics and edit the video and supply you with the file to drop onto your website… and the great news is that you get all this for just £695.00 plus VAT.

If you’re looking for stunning website videos then contact the experts at ELO Media – we’d love to hear from you.